Like many people, when I woke up this morning (#flawless), I was mildly surprised to see an email from Beyoncé’s PR team Beyoncé HERSELF announcing a joint summer tour with her husband Jay Z.

The ‘On The Run’ Tour will hit up 16 cities across America, and surely feature some material off of Bey’s new album, plus some joint performances of songs going alll the way back to ’03 Bonnie & Clyde.

At first I was like:

On The Run Tour

This better not be a late April Fool’s joke. Did Ciara send this? Am I being punked?

Then I was like:

On The Run Tour

I saw Beyoncé twice in 2013 – once in June and once in December. She literally must never sleep, because she’s been touring forever.

And then I was like:

On The Run Tour

Well sweet, I get to see Beyoncé for the third time in under a year! And see Jay Z!

And then I read more of the email and saw:

On The Run Tour

And I was like: On The Run Tour

Because the presale is generally an epic clusterf***. You have to wake up early, scalpers buy all of the tickets within the first 5 minutes, wigs get pulled, it’s generally a mess.

But then I remembered that Beyoncé has concerts where things like this happen:

On The Run Tour

And this:

On The Run Tour

Also this:

On The Run Tour

We can’t forget about this: On The Run Tour

And a little bit of this:

On The Run Tour

So it’s all good.


  • Matt Decuir

    *falls out of chair*

  • Yo Mama

    She better take advantage while Ciara’s pregnant because as soon as she’s back, girrrrrrllll……

    • deandreupshaw

      Now who would post something so shady?

  • MorgZana

    I’m a scalper so no worries!! I got yo back!!! #notascalperbutstillgoyoback

    • deandreupshaw


  • Kelsey Kruse

    I hope it works out so that we can all see it!!!!