Happy New Year to you, my glamorous friends! Your local beauty editor is here to help you stay on-trend in the coming year. And what better way than with your fabulous face? Whether you’ve made a resolution to look your best, or are just looking for ways to refresh your routine, check out these makeup trends to put your best face forward in 2014.

Rihanna rocking 2014's makeup trend, cranberry lipstick.

Rihanna rocking cranberry lipstick.


If you haven’t already tried it, you need to. Trust me on this one. Keep the rest of your face neutral and focus on this bangin’ lip. It goes very well with wintery or earth-toned clothing, and works on almost any skin tone.

Baby, if I can do it, you can do it. (Pro tip: use concealer around the outside of your lips to correct any smudges and keep color from bleeding.) Try my favorite,Urban Decay’s “Venom.” It packs the punch you want without being too dark. No vampire lips here, honey. Unless you’re into that.


Whether you’re throwing shade or making googly eyes, make sure your peepers look as big and beautiful as possible by lining your waterline with white eyeliner.

This awesome makeup trend fools people into thinking the whites of your eyes extend further. Like a clown or mime, only sexier.

Milk. It does a body good. 2014 makeup trend.

Milk. It does a body good.


You wouldn’t just run out and buy a product exclusively for use in your waterline, right? Keep that white eyeliner rockin’ by using it all around the eye. I loveNYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk” for this trick.

Pop a little in the inner corners to appear more awake and youthful. Use it on the upper lid either as a base for eye shadow or by itself for that glowing, dewy look. This is basically an excuse to roll out of bed, slap one color on your eye, and still look hot. (Pro tip: Don’t forget to blend it out on the edges. Don’t go gooping it all over your eye and saying Kelsey told you to.)


This look is NOT just for New Year’s Eve! Keep it rockin’ all year long with a spicy metallic lid.

To avoid the age-old, “Does this eye shadow make me look like a streetwalker?” conversation, add a matte shadow in the crease. But by all means, sparkle it up all over the lid for a night out. My favorite is Stila’s Magnificent Metals Foil Finish in ANY COLOR.


Shine bright like a diamond. 2014 makeup trend.

Shine bright like a diamond.

My philosophy has always been that if you make your skin flawless, you won’t need much foundation. No one will notice the above makeup trend tips and tricks (which you’ve no doubt artfully applied) if your skin is a mess.

My not-so-secret secret is EXFOLIATION. I don’t care who you are; if you’ve exfoliated today, I’m gonna notice. The exfoliation process removes the dead, dull skin on your mug and reveals fresh baby skin cells that are anxious to get out and make you look amazing.

This will also help your lotions and serums sink in deeper, because they don’t have anything blocking their way. My favorite daily exfoliator is DERMAdoctor’s Wrinkle Revenge Cleanser. The name is just cute; you don’t have to be wrinkly to use it. This baby has 12% glycolic acid (or there’s one with 15%, if you’re hardcore) to gently remove dead skin every day and make your face feel like a baby’s bum.

It’s a chemical exfoliant as opposed to a physical one, which means that it melts away dead skin instead of scraping it off. So no more St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Step away from the St. Ives. Immediately.

I hope these beauty tips serve you well in 2014. Stay tuned for more ways to look AWESOME in The State of Awesome.



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