Now that Amazon has announced that it is adding content from HBO’s massive catalog of original shows (for the first time it will be possible to stream shows like The Sopranos, The Wire and Treme without an HBO account) it’s time to revisit one of my favorite families – The Fishers.

Six Feet Under David Scream

Six Feet Under was a critically acclaimed drama about a family that owned a funeral home in California. The show is legendary for introducing us to the man who would later become a serial killer and steal our hearts, and for its incredible series finale, which moved me, a manly man-man to weep openly. In public. So, without further ado, here are six reasons why Six Feet Under is a welcome addition to Amazon Instant Streaming.

Every Episode Started With Someone Dying

Fitting for a show that took place in a funeral home, each episode usually featured an opening where a character unrelated to the main cast would die, sometimes in spectacular fashion. The writers must have worked overtime coming up with these bizarre and macabre deaths – a woman being killed by a chunk of blue ice from an airplane, a man being cut in half by an elevator, or my personal favorite, a woman who sees a gaggle of helium-inflated blow up dolls and believes the rapture is occurring, causing her to run in the middle of the street and get hit by a car.

The Delightful Awkwardness of David

Before he was slicing and dicing on Dexter, Micheal C. Hall played David, a gay, oftentimes socially awkward undertaker. When he wasn’t breaking-up-to-make-up with his boyfriend Keith or picking up

David's relationship with Keith was a biiiiiit different than Dexter's and Sgt. Doakes. Just a bit.

David’s relationship with Keith was a bit different than Dexter’s and Sgt. Doakes. Just a bit.

prostitutes and strange men off the streets, he was generally a good guy who cared about his family. He also shared quite a bit in common with his future self, Dexter Morgan, such as:

  • They both have fathers who die and appear to them in their subconscious
  • They both have issues functioning in social situations
  • They both have intense relationships with black police officers
  • They both work in the business of slicing people up


The Episode Where Claire Launched Into A Broadway Style Number About The Oppressive Nature of Pantyhose

In the middle of the series’ lifespan, Six Feet Under was prone to indulging in a number of fantastical dream sequences experienced by the main characters. And with a cast featuring such talented and versatile actors, there was bound to be a few musical numbers. None were more surprising (or gratifying) than when Claire randomly bursts into a song about how much she hates the pantyhose she’s forced to wear now that she’s in a corporate environment.

That’s Lauren Ambrose’s real singing voice! Check out this video of her as a pre-teen singing “Dancing In The Street” on Star Search.

Dozens Of Guest Stars Appeared

Where do we even start? From Rainn Wilson (who had a creepy relationship with Ruth, the matriarch of the family), his Office costar Jenna Fischer to Kathy Bates to Michelle Trachtenberg to Ellen, the list is long. And don’t even get us started on Adam Scott’s brief arc as David’s overeager boyfriend.

Six Feet Under Adam Scott

An Incestuous Sibling Relationship That Would Make Cersei Lannister Blush

Brenda and Billy Chenoweth were messed. Up. Brenda was introduced to us in the first episode, when she and Nate join the mile high club as Nate is traveling home for Christmas. They become an item, much to the chagrin of Billy (played brilliantly by Jeremy Sisto) who is a crazy person. He once dramatically carved a tattoo out of his back and then demanded Brenda do the same. Brenda occasionally moonlighted as a masseuse who gave happy endings, and ends up with a sex addiction. Nothing was creepier, however, than the sex scene that almost happened. Almost.

Six Feet Under Brenda Quiche

The Final Episode Made Me Weep Violently On An Airplane

I am not what you would call an emotional person. I don’t cry often. However, I chose to view the final episode of Six Feet Under on my iPad during a flight from Florida to Texas, and I began to cry. Loudly. And not cute, artistic single tear drops either. There was snot and guttural noises, and a bit of sobbing. The amazing thing about the final episode of Six Feet Under is that the series was planned to end at that point. It wasn’t cancelled abruptly or yanked off the air – the creators designed for it to end the way that it did, and there is closure for every character, which doesn’t happen often. There’s not a lot to say about the final episode of Six Feet Under that hasn’t already been said by far more eloquent people than I. There’s a reason why it is on dozens of “Best Series Finale Ever” lists.


Do yourself a favor: screen Six Feet Under when it comes to Amazon Instant Streaming. It’s an amazing show with characters that you will grow to love and wicked good special effects. Have you seen Six Feet Under? Did you ugly cry at the end like me? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

BONUS: One of my absolute favorite moments of the show:

Six Feet Under Ruth Snickers

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