Lord have mercy.

I don’t even know where to start with this episode.

1. Meet Lucille. Lucille has been “working” as some sort of promoter for an artist named Kidd Cole.

download (8)She helped to arrange tens of thousands of dollars in transportation, food services and other charges. She was under the impression that she would be paid $70,000 starting out.


2. Kidd Cole claims to have executive produced “Drunk In Love” by Beyonce.

30 seconds of Googling shows that is a hot crusty lie. From  Wikipedia:

download (7)He also claims to have worked with Kanye and Jaden Smith.

giphy (5)

3. Through a series of Google searches some amazing investigative reporting, Nev and Max discover that Kidd Cole is a guy named Jerez. He has not worked with Kanye West. As a matter of fact, there is a  Facebook page dedicated to how much people hate him for being a scammer.

download (9)

Lucille reacted as most people would.


4. We meet a really exciting limo river, who wears a chauffeur’s cap with rhinestones. She also posted this thrilling music video to the KIDD COLE IS A SCAMMER Facebook page.

5. Sidenote, anyone else think Lucille looks like Khia?

khia catfish

6. They meet Kidd Cole on a pier. He thinks that Lucille is a fan. He doesn’t know that they know that he’s a fake. Nev also dramatically throws his phone into the ocean and gets yelled at by a producer.

7. They decide to meet up the next day at Jerez’s recording studio. Nev asks to hear one of his songs. Nev covertly Soundhounds the music they play and discovers it is by someone else. Their plot is further foiled when they don’t know how to operate the microphones in their “studio.”


8. He’s caught. He makes lots of excuses as to why he’s a liar. He cries. There is no resolution.

The real question is, what did Kanye think of this episode?