Halloween is upon us in all its festive glory! For the younger among us, this means a chance to dress up as our favorite characters and trick — I mean, get the biggest haul of candy possible. This sugar high will sustain us until the next big surprises on Christmas. Of course, Halloween also now means parties and revelries with close friends while trying to break previous records of blood alcohol levels.

Now, some of us are not the social butterflies our peers are, and some of us might prefer a night in. Thankfully, technology has come to our rescue by providing instant streaming of television and movies. Ah, Netflix, may you never waver in your beautiful, seductive selection.

In keeping with the holiday theme, here are 9 movies for you to stream this Halloween. Pour yourself a drink, get some candy, and enjoy.

9. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

It’s sad that this film did not get a bigger audience. It was hilarious and one of the best subversions of tropes I have ever seen in a movie. The performances by Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, and Katrina Bowden were stellar, and even the secondary characters were entertaining. There is news of a sequel and if it does happen, you should watch that too.


8. All Cheerleaders Die

Cheerleaders and horror movies go together like mac & cheese, cookies & cream, and apples & pie. The only difference in this movie is that the cheerleaders are the ones causing the mayhem: they’re brought back from the dead with a craving for human flesh. It completely owns its campy premise and has some pretty good performances, particularly from Caitlin Stasey of Reign.


7. Monsters

Most horror films could not produce half the suspense and thrill of Monsters with their multi-million dollar budgets. This one did it with $800,000. Frankly, it is a testament to the independent spirit and the adage that “less is more.”


6. Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

This movie came out amidst three other Hansel & Gretel-oriented movies. How on Earth can you produce four films about the same topic and premise? Seriously. Unlike the other ones, this film had weed and Molly C. Quinn, so better than the rest in my opinion.


5. Bad Milo!

Two words: ASS MONSTER. Honestly, that should be enough to make you watch this film, but in case it’s not, you will also be treated to incredible comedic performances by Gillian Jacobs and Ken Marino.


4. V/H/S

This is a series of “found footage” cassettes that escalate the gore, horror, and terror with each passing vignette. Make a drinking game out of it with some friends and look forward to a horrifying and memorable night…hopefully.


3. Carrie

I don’t know what weird land of unbelievable actors Chloe Grace Moretz comes from, but I swear she has not made a single poor movie or landed a bad role. Combine her skills with Stephen King’s ideas and you have cinematic horror perfection. Yeah, you can watch the original, but this remake might actually be better.


2. The Nightmare before Christmas

If you do not watch this movie any opportunity you get, you have failed at life, sir and/or madam with variations in between. This film should be playing on someone’s television every hour of every day somewhere in the world. Seeing it on Halloween just makes it extra special.


1. The Cabin in the Woods

Do you like The Avengers? Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Angel? Firefly? Serenity? Imagine if the dude who came up with all that awesome shit decided to make a horror film. That is this movie. Every element you loved from all the aforementioned shows and movies are found in this one and it is glorious. Go. Watch. It. NOW!