It’s that wonderful time of year again where people are scrambling to make last minute reservations, singles are crying themselves to sleep, and — most importantly — everyone’s preparing themselves for a beautiful chocolate coma. While the options can be overwhelming, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are the best damn chocolates in Dallas to buy so your significant other won’t leave you, rendering you Forever Alone™. Ranked for your convenience!

CocoAndre Louboutins.

CocoAndre Louboutins.

For the Purist:CocoAndre

CocoAndre is the definition of pure, simplistic flavors done right. The shop offers a number of favorites, like chocolate-covered strawberries and marshmallows, but where they really shine is in their signature truffles. Despite being on the tail-end of a chocolate tour I was able to try a couple that definitely left me wanting more. Flavors like the strawberry passion fruit and Dulce de Leche offered the perfect balance of sweetness and authenticity to actual flavor.

Bonus points to their master chocolatier for their artfully molded chocolate Louboutin shoes. Eat them while listening to this flop epic anthem by Jennifer Lopez, which features the most repetitive chorus ever.

Truffles with Bleu Cheese: Albatross Fudge. Best Damn Chocolates in Dallas.

Truffles with Bleu Cheese: Albatross Fudge.

For the Adventurer: Dude, Sweet Chocolate

I know, I know. This place has been done to death on every list. But you know what, it really is that good. I’ll admit I was a skeptic when asked if I wanted to try their Fungus Amongus Toffee which features porcini mushroom, toasted pumpkin seeds and local cream. One bite though, and you feel like you’re enjoying cookie dough that melts in your mouth.

Honorable mention also goes to their Albatross Fudge, a creamy combination of chocolate, bleu cheese and sea salt.

For the (Last–Minute) Traditionalist: Whitman’s Sampler

You know what, I’ll say it. Sometimes there’s nothing better than store bought chocolate. In this instance it has to be the classic that is Whitman’s Sampler. Not only does this box have traditional flavors like chocolate caramels and coconut, it also has the coveted molasses chew. These tiny touches combined with a vintage box put it in a league all its own.* Also, you can get them at pretty much any 7-11 and CVS around, so they get points for accessibility.

So there you have it. While these suggestions only hit the surface of delicious confections throughout DFW, my hope is that these finds aid you in wooing your special someone.

* Still a league of store-bought chocolate.