Despite what the great Bill Cosby once said, the delicious dessert I always have room for is not Jell-O, but froyo. The creamy, frosty goodness of frozen yogurt hits my mouth with an explosion of dairy delight and settles in my stomach, like an icy hug from a cute and fuzzy polar bear. The best froyo in Dallas isMonster Yogurt, hands Monster Yogurt.down.

Okay. So maybe I exaggerate a little. But once you try MY favorite froyo spot in Dallas, you too will be glad you welcomed the yummy deliciousness into your life, no matter the temperature outside. So don your favorite Cosby sweater and take a little trip to Monster Yogurt, located since 2012 in the Casa Linda Plaza at the intersection of Buckner and Garland road in Dallas. The newest location is in the Lennox Plaza in Richardson.

Monster Yogurt.At first sight, Monster Yogurt may seem like a place for kids, with its brightly painted cartoons on the walls and – well – the giant kids’ play area in the front. But Monster Yogurt isn’t playing around when it comes to dessert options. The entire back wall is lined with different flavors of frozen yogurt, including a seasonal flavor of the month. In honor of the month of love, I tried the red velvet; my taste buds thanked me for that sweet adventure.

The other two walls contain over 75 self-serve topping options, including every cereal, fruit, candy and sprinkle you can imagine. Monster Yogurt even has a fresh whipped cream machine and makes hot waffles to compliment your chilly delight. I was beside myself with all of the choices at my disposal to make my frozen yogurt fantasies come true. With two locations nearby, you can make your froyo dreams become a reality at Monster Yogurt, where “scary tastes good.” Stop by, make a creation of your own choosing, chat with the owner Ava, log on to their free WiFi, get a complimentary cup of coffee and chow down.

BONUS: Vintage Cosby.