Needing a little luck of the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day weekend? Or just an Irish Car Bomb? Look no further thanThe College Street Pub, centrally located in Waxahachie’s quaint (and really effing old) downtown.

'Hachie.Before we begin this trek to delicious, let’s talk about Waxahachie for all of youMetroplexers. Hachie (for short) is a town populated by about 25,000 people, and has that Texas charm that non-Texans dream about.  The city was founded in 1850 as the largest cotton producer in the state, but now serves as a cute-ass place to live and visit – ‘Cute Ass’ is definitely on their tourism billboards. People travel from all over the state to participate in a southern recreation of Bethlehem and the birth of Christ (yum), to see a local play in one of the last standing Victorian Chautauqua Theatres (yum yum), and to fight the Black Knight in the ever-popular Scarborough Faire and Renaissance Festival (triple yum).

Now onto the fun stuff.

The College Street Pub, established in 2003, feels as if it was plucked right from Bridget Jones’s wet dream. Flags from Noms.Ireland, Great Britain and Texas line the walls in this British-American Fusion Restaurant (aka a pub). There is always a cast of characters playing the “regulars” sitting at the bar, and on Wednesday nights there is live music that usually consists of a local Rolling Stones cover band.

If you didn’t come for the ambiance, then maybe you’re interested in… FRIED FOOD? The Pub offers Britain’s best, with a sampling of Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, and Shepherd’s Pie. However, the best menu item hails from the south… of France, that is! The famous French Burger contains two twin beef patties with sautéed onions, American AND Parmesan cheese, bacon and tomatoes all delectability in-between two slices of Texas Toast.  It’s a culture clash of flavor and just plain yumminess. The meal is served with Beer-battered onion rings with a side of homemade ranch; a side so good that you’ll need a DD to get you back home (on account of all the BEER batter).

If you are feeling a bit gluttonous, be sure to dive into their fried pickles. This is a southern staple that can more often than not be done wrong. However, The Pub treats its little hamburger pickles like ladies: dress ‘em up in the finest and crispiest gowns and cover them in creamy ranch by the end of the night. What a woman!

Leave your DFW norm and stop on by to Waxahachie! Irish Fare + British décor + Lots o’ Beer = A jolly good time!