Half Angie, Half Mime

A few days ago, Angelina Jolie was photographed with some seriously weird camera flashback. The culprit? A powder that was not intended for use in front of a camera. My guess is that she tried to touch herself up in the car instead of leaving her face to the professionals, because no makeup artist in their right mind would do that to Angie’s face. Below are some tips on how to avoid being caught in similar makeup mishaps.

1. If you’re being photographed, BE PREPARED.

Use ya HD (High Definition) makeup on these occasions. It’s specifically formulated so you won’t look shiny in pictures. When a camera flash, or when stage or television lighting hits you, your face needs to be as matte as possible to avoid flashback. I know you don’t wanna look greasy in your wedding photos. Also, forego foundation that has SPF on these days. You know I’m crazy about sun protection, but take a walk on the wild side… or use a parasol like a fancy person.

As beautiful as she is, ain't nobody got time fo' greasey face

2. Blend your makeup down your neck.

Don’t nobody want a line along the jawline that announces, “Nope, this is as far as my face goes. The buck stops here, everyone! No makeup beyond this point.” Apply your foundation down your neck and décolleté. It certainly doesn’t need to be as heavy as it is on your face, but you need some color there too. Tip: When buying foundation, match your makeup to your neck instead of your cheek. This will help you avoid having to blend down so far (but you should still blend).

This is not the look for spring.

3. Wear eyeshadow primer. EVERY DAY.

Trust me, when it comes to greasy eyelids, I am the EXPERT. My eyeshadow will crease on a dime if I am not prepared. Luckily, there is a simple solution. Primer! My favorite is Urban Decay’s Eden Primer. It  mattifies, so your eyelids don’t end up looking like you just cooked eggs on them.

Um, did you mean for your eyeliner to be on your eyebrow?

4. Don’t over-contour.

Y’all know I enjoy having a drag queen’s face once in a while, but enough is enough. This contouring fad is out of control! If you’re gonna do it, don’t get a bronzer that is for someone 10 shades darker than you. And for heaven’s sake, BLEND! Try not to leave harsh lines on your face that make you look like you have a tan line.

Oh, honey.

5. Easy on the eyeliner, please.

I know it can get out of hand quickly. First you try to just experiment with a cat eye. By the end of it, the liner is out to your hairline. I’ve been there. A quick fix is to keep some makeup wipes on hand, and carefully remove from the thicker eye instead of adding to the thinner eye. This will save you lots of time and tears.



What are some makeup mishaps you’ve experienced? Leave your questions and/or tips in the comments below, and keep looking awesome in The State of Awesome.



  • insert “WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!” gif

  • Zach Krohn

    These ‘example’ pictures are so unfortunate 😉 LOVE IT!

  • Kelsey Kruse

    The shaaaaade, the shaaaade of it all

  • Every single day I see this… I shed one tear and look off in the distance like the Native American in those recycling ads.

  • Clarissa Nash

    I don’t wear eyeshadow often, but when I do, primer is my best friend.

    And also, Q-Tips for your eyeliner is your best friend.