Enos Pizza.Dallas is an underrated foodies’ paradise. There are so many homegrown restaurants in every different nook-n-cranny in the city, that I have a minor anxiety attack every time I think about conquering them all within my lifetime. In the heart of the eclectic neighborhood that is Oak Cliff is one such nook known as Bishop Arts. The cobble stone streets and painted brick murals will make think you’ve stepped back in time. Don’t be fooled; on every corner of this street is a restaurant that will make you regret trying Beyoncé’s 22-day vegan challenge.

Eno’s Pizza Tavern is everything you’re looking for and everything you never knew you needed in a pizza joint. You can Enos Pizza.enjoy classic Italian restaurant mainstays such as the highly recommended truffle cheese bread or the bruschetta topped high with fresh tomatoes. The thin-crust pizza (which has just been ruled by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as the real deal when it comes to pizza is a great choice to share family-style among the farmhouse (mounted deer antlers wrapped in Christmas lights) meets rustic Italian countryside décor.

A variety of local craft beer taps are on display at the two bars on either story of the restaurant. Pizza and beer is a no-brainer, but farm-fresh ingredient pies paired with flavorful craft brews is a new twist on this classic combination. The beer menu can be extensive, but the friendly staff is quick to point you in the right direction if you, like me, are a craft beer connoisseur wannabe.

The next time you decide to venture down to this Dallas dining mecca, be sure to check out Eno’s for some local draughts and a Supreme Court Justice approved pizza.


  • That truffle cheese bread sounds amazing