Frequently asked questions while approaching an OEM

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While approaching an OEM for your own brand products (produk jenama sendiri), the following FAQs will be helpful to start and proceed without doubts.
What is the experience of the OEM company?
It is vital for any industry supplier to have some years of experience in the same field to be an expert in its service. The same goes true for an OEM company and you should go with an experienced company to avoid some issues. If the supplier is a beginner or with minimal experience, they could not face some strange issues that could come up during the production of the products. Sometimes, they could not have enough resources to produce products of the different formulations. So, you should ask about the experience of the OEM company before placing your order.
What is their expertise?
An OEM manufacturer would not be producing a single type of product. They will have a range of clients and every client would ask for a different product with completely contrasting formulations and production techniques. Each of these processes would require different equipment and methods. However, when you look closely, you can find dominance in their production slightly on one type of product. They would be doing the same type of product for a long time and they would be comfortable doing it. If your product matches their expertise, your combination would go great as they need not do something new. So, you should ask about their expertise in the field.
What is the MOQ?
Minimum order quantity is vital and it will define the number of pieces you order per lot from the manufacturer. If your goal is to start with a minimum number of products, you should choose a company with a low MOQ. So, checking the MOQ of the company is vital.