Can’t seem to find the PERFECT thing to say? Tired of people interpreting your text messages incorrectly? Well look no further – we have the bestGIF (pronounced like the peanut butter… get it right) selection the internet has to offer… at least for July

1. For that “What have I done” moment 


2. For that “You better watch your back” moment


3. For that “Don’t be that guy” moment


4. For that “Kill me, just kill me” moment

5. For that “here’s looking at you kid” moment

6. For that “I have NO idea what you are saying/DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND ME” moment

7. For that “Fuck you, no really fuck you” moment

8. For that “Mama Bear hungry” moment

9. For that “Just let me be ME” moment

10. For that “Keep trying, buck-o” moment


11. For that “Diva/bad ass/I know I’m good” moment

12. For that “WHY ME?! WHY ALWAYS ME?!” moment

13. For that “I am dead on the inside” moment

14. For that “YASSS GAGA” moment

15. For that “Thank you for reading/I know this post has changed your life” moment




  • I honestly thought this was Salem from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch and was a little disappointed.

  • jeezusgut

    Using these for sure.

  • All of the things! I may or may not have just downloaded all of these…