Mother’s Day is a little bittersweet for me. This week, people across the country celebrated Mother’s day, but how do you celebrate when your mom is gone?

Hope Edelman is the author of Motherless Daughters, a book that gives insight into the world of losing your mom. Now, I’m not a “motherless daughter,” but I unfortunately live in the same world as Hope. I lost my mother to colon cancer when I was a sophomore in high school. It’s sad to agree with Hope’s statements, but as she says in her book, mourning does truly become a lifelong process. We push through life and experience the ups, but we also fall hard when faced with difficult battles. Going through graduations, first jobs, marriage, and children all bring countless joy and a little sadness. It’s heartbreaking to imagine that as I grow older I will have had more time without my mom than with her. That being said, this day can be a little rough to get through. So how can you celebrate?

The article here about Hope Edelman and her books gives you a few things that you can do. I liked the idea of cooking in tribute so much that I decided to make some cheesecake and short rib pork stir fry (a secret family recipe, but maybe I’ll share it someday).

My wish for all of my friends and family (really everyone out there) is that everyone would cherish the time they have with their loved ones. If you’ve lost someone, cherish the memories that you have. To my mom: I miss you every day and I am glad to have had the time I spent with you in my memories. You’ve shaped me into the person I am today, and I hope to touch many lives as you touched and changed mine.

I hope you celebrated your mother this week! Got any favorite memories of your mom? Leave them in the comment section below!


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