Some women dream of their wedding from the time they are little girls, and some don’t think about it until much later in life, but one thing remains the same in both cases: All brides want to look and feel FABULOUS on their wedding day! They know that this is, hopefully, a once in a lifetime opportunity and that they will be looking at their photos for years to come, therefore, it’s very important to most brides to look better than normal on this special day. Now, some may wonder, what’s the easiest way to make this possible? Well, I’m here to tell you….you MUST hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding! Below, I have compiled a list of the reasons why, and some tips to remember while searching for your artist!

So, why is it important to hire a Professional Makeup Artist for your wedding, you ask?

Well, let’s just get real here… You don’t know what you’re doing, and I really mean this in the nicest way possible. Pro’s have years of experience and do this for a living! They have your best interest in mind and want you to look beautiful, and not just because it’s your special day, but also because it reflects on them as an artist. Your every day makeup application is completely different from the one you will be wearing on your special day. With that being said, Professional makeup artists carry an arsenal of products specifically geared to accommodate all of the elements you will encounter that day! You know, the tears during the ceremony, the sweat during the reception, and well… whatever else happens afterward! I can almost guarantee you don’t carry most of these products in your day to day makeup bag, and trust WILL need them! You know…unless you’re cool with looking like a hot mess on the most important day ever.

Your girls gotta look good too!

Unless you’re an evil bridezilla, you’ll want your bridesmaids to look just as perfect as you do. I understand wanting to be the center of attention, but if your girls don’t look cute…I promise they will end up stealing the show! One suggestion that will make certain the wedding party looks uniform and that all the girls get to participate in the fun, is to give them their makeup application as their gift! Genius right? Instead of some charm bracelet or whatever people give their bridal parties as presents, give them the gift of GLAM! I promise they will like it a whole lot more!! After all, this is your entourage! Don’t you want a fierce one? I know I do!

And now, for the biggest and most important tip I can give you: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Just like with anything else, cheaping out on something this important is NOT the way to go. Yes, occasionally, you get a good deal on great things at low prices, but that is not common in this industry.When it comes to pricing, you can feel free to choose the cosmetology student down the street and pay her $50 to look like a cosmetology student down the street did your makeup, OR you can spare the extra $50 for a professional makeup artist to transform you into the beautiful blushing bride you deserve to be. Honestly…What’s an extra $50 in the grand scheme of things? Just stay in from Red Lobster one night and you’re set! Think about it this way… You budget for a professional photographer  because you’ll be looking at these photos forever, right? So…Why wouldn’t you budget for a professional makeup artist to make you look flawless in these photos you’ll be looking at forever? It only makes sense to do this…Am I right? You KNOW I am!

There are definitely more reasons I could give you as to why you HAVE to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding, but I think I’ve covered most of the super important details in this article. If you haven’t had your “A-HA” moment by now, I don’t think it will ever come…until you look back at your wedding photos and wish you had skipped out on those 2 trips to Walgreens and gotten your makeup done instead. And now, this brings me to my very last point…

If you, or anyone you know is getting married, Holler atcha girl! 



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    Love it, Morgan! So TRUE!