Neighborhood Services, in an easy-to-miss location on West Lovers Lane, was ranked number one on the D Magazine “Best 100 Restaurants in Dallas” list for 2013. I usually find myself disagreeing with lists such as these, but Neighborhood Services definitely belongs in that number one spot.

On a Monday evening my date and I ventured into this quiet local gem with empty tummies ready to be fed. The atmosphere at Neighborhood Services is very cozy; tiny and a bit cramped, but with the feel of a private speakeasy. The dining room and bar area are connecting and very dimly lit – perfect for a romantic dinner date.

I had delved into the menu a couple hundred times before arriving; the anticipation was killing me.

With everything on the menu sounding delectable, we decided to let the server pick our appetizer for us. I was secretly hoping that he would bring out the Jonah Crab & Green Chile Dip – and he did! As my chip hit the bowl, steam curled out and a crabby aroma hit my senses. My taste buds were tickled, and I closed my eyes to enjoy this moment. Accompanying the dip was a unique salsa made with cucumbers, roasted tomatoes and maple syrup.


As I had already consumed the best crab dip and salsa I have ever had, I found it difficult to believe that this meal could get any better. Boy, was I wrong. For our second course I ordered the Caramelized Sea Scallops.

With scallops being my favorite food, I am quick to judge and am very picky. These massive scallops were caramelized as promised and sat atop Manchego polenta, Spanish chorizo and blistered tomatoes. The scallops were filled with flavor –  which can be hard to obtain –  and the polenta was creamy and fluffy, enhancing the flavor of the scallops. I could have done without the chorizo, as I am not a big fan; I gave the pieces to my date and he said it was awesome. The blistered tomatoes were sweet, yet smoky. The entrée was presented with four scallops – three of them were wonderful, but one was overcooked.


I cleared my entire plate but could not hold back from ordering dessert. I have had their famous homemade Ding-Dong before, and was not impressed enough to order it again. So instead, we tried the Butterscotch Pot De Crème. The large serving of butterscotch goodness was served with two nostalgic popsicle sticks – the kind that you got from the ice cream lady at school when you were a kid. With a bit of richness, this was the perfect end to a lovely meal.

This is the absolute best restaurant in Dallas, hands down. I would recommend a meal at Neighborhood Services to anyone and everyone. Click the logo below to check out their website and peruse their menu. Make a reservation as soon as you possibly can –  don’t miss out!

  • Kelsey Kruse

    YUM! I’ve never heard of this place but I can’t WAIT to try it!