I like burgers. You like burgers. Now that we have the formalities out of the way, I can move on to helping you sort through the scores of mediocre burger joints to find the truly great ones. Here are a few reasons that Ketchup Burger bar deserves a visit.


Ketchup Burger Bar is located in between Cole Avenue and McKinney Avenue, right next to Bread Winners, one of the best bakeries in the city (Breadwinners deserves its own article). Its location makes it a great spot for a delicious meal after a night at one of the many popular bars in Uptown. It is walking (or cable car) distance from most of the most popular late night spots in the area. Ketchup offers outdoor seating that provides the opportunity for great people-watching or just enjoying the weather.

Ketchup Burger BarHealthy Variety

If you have read my previous post on Twisted Root, you know that I am fond of restaurants that offer more than the traditional beef patties (Don’t get me wrong, beef is delicious – I just like a little variety sometimes). In addition to a chicken or turkey burger, you can also order a burger with salmon, lamb, ahi tuna or a mushroom-pecan veggie burger. To ease the minds of all the health nuts out there, Ketchup uses all organic ingredients.  While the fact that these burgers are made fromKetchup Burger Bar such healthy ingredients is a plus, let me be honest:  I am more concerned with the deliciousness factor.  And trust me, these burgers are delicious.

Great Happy Hour and Brunch

In addition to a great burger, Ketchup has pretty sweet deals for both brunch and happy hours. From 11am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, they feature 2 dollar Mimosas and a variety of delicious breakfast offerings. They also feature 3 dollar wells and drafts from 3pm to 7pm Wednesday-Friday. If you can’t catch one of those times, have no fear! It is happy hour ALL DAY at Ketchup on Monday and Tuesday!

If you take nothing else away from this article, take away that burgers are delicious and Ketchup Burger Bar is a great place to get them. The next time you are looking for a late night meal after a night out enjoying all that Uptown has to offer, make sure you stop in at Ketchup and tell your waiter that Gilbert sent you. They probably will not know who I am, but it sounded like a good idea (and the look on his or her face may well be worth it).

  • They know what people need, having happy hour all day on the first two days of the week.

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