The new Star Wars cast has been announced and there are a few familiar faces, but a few that you may have not seen before. What do you think of the new cast?

Will you be seeing the new Star Wars movie?

  • TheAnthonyRyan

    While I LOVE what JJ Abrams did with the Star Trek franchise, I STILL have a very bad taste in my mouth from you know which part of the Star Wars universe. At this point, my son has actually seen the original trilogy more times than I have. Result: jury’s still out whether I will see it.

    BTW- where are all of the women?!?

  • Kelsey Kruse

    I will not be seeing it. The last Start Wars movie I saw I fell asleep.

    • deandreupshaw

      I saw a Star Wars Movie in theates (Attack of the clones? Return of the JEDI?) in Junior High and also fell asleep. I’m pretty anti-that guy from Girls being in it, though.

  • Matt Clark

    I wonder what kind of creature Andy Serkis will be playing. Or will he instead be doing the Thriller dance again?