I find the best way to communicate in the modern digital age is via gif, so let’s use this medium to reminisce on all the feelings this midseason fAtal finale brought us. Shall we?

Upon seeing the opening “Thanksgiving Day” shot without Spencer and knowing someone is dead, I immediately got a tad bit dramatic.

Then I remembered that Troian Bellisario’s contract is not up and that without Spencer the liars probably wouldn’t be able to host a functioning dinner party. The show needs her for a thriving plot line; she’s probably just off making out with Toby somewhere.

Ali taking a voluntary lie detector test that points the cops towards Spencer as Bethany’s murderer quickly brought my anger back.

Seeing Mona’s disturbing extensive doll collection-

The liars paying Mona a house call, asking for her help, and hatching a plan with her?!

But also, Ali has been next-level annoying lately what with setting all the liars up for various crimes, so actually closer to-

Then Mona convincing all the liars that Ali might really be A-

Mona and Ali’s hallway stare-down had me all like-

When Toby showed up with his new police uniform, I think I was supposed to swoon, but it was more along the lines of “how am I supposed to take him seriously with that hat.” Also, can we talk about that since Toby announced he was signing up for the police academy and until his graduation, maybe two weeks time passed in Rosewood. Maybe. NO WONDER YOUR POLICE FORCE IS COMPLETELY INADEQUATE IF YOU GIVE ANYONE WHO TAKES A TWELVE HOUR WEEKEND COURSE A GUN AND A BADGE.

Spencer and Toby’s awkward police-and-suspect themed foreplay, though-

Evidently Emily fully decks out her house in Christmas decorations (we’re talking North Pole level) before Thanksgiving.

To discover the smoking gun of Ali & Bethany’s connection, Spencer and Mona sneak back into Radley.

But of course they found what they needed and got out with no worries.

Then Hanna’s line happened. You know the one…
“You know that test they make you take – the S…AT?”

Emily finally standing up to Ali had me all like-

Paige drops the bomb that Ali is now building her own army.

Spencer officially gets taken away in handcuffs for the murder of Bethany Young.

Realizing the show is almost over and no one has died yet and we’re at Mona’s house and she’s all alone with a wealth of evidence against Ali.

Mona walks up to her room followed closely by A. Cue me screaming at the television that “the call is coming from inside the house.”

But this is Pretty Little Liars, right? No body was found on the scene and that means Mona is not dead. She’s just not. That’s how this show operates. In trying to constantly surprise us, we are longer surprise-able.

Then Mona’s lifeless, blue face in A’s trunk happened.

I had really grown to not-hate Mona in the past 44 minutes. Plus, Mona helped keep Ali in check. Who will do that now?

In conclusion:

Rosewood Crazy Scale: 9.75/10
Let’s make an incident report of the evening: stealing information from the police, breaking in to and stealing information from a mental institution, Toby’s car accident, real evidence of Ali as A found, Paige’s discovery of Ali’s army, Spencer arrested for murder, Mona murdered, and don’t forget about baby Jesus getting stolen from the nativity. I’m saving the true 10 for the crazy that the series finale is destined to be, but this is as close as it’s ever gotten.

Best Line: Mona & Spencer
Mona: She assembled the perfect group. Smart. Loyal. Admiring. And compassionate…Alison would have gotten bored with any one of you, but all together-
Spencer: -we’re a challenge.

Mystery of the Midseason Finale: Mona’s murderer’s hair didn’t match Ali – was it CeCe? Noel Kahn in drag? Is And is Ali truly A?? 

Until next time, liars.