Hopefully you weren’t intrigued by that title for the wrong reason, but it’s true: Happy Endings is coming back! Unfortunately, the show is still canceled–we only get to relive it through reruns. I’m hoping to inspire the lot of you to watch the series and bring the show back (I NEED new episodes, it’s kind of my TV crack). VH1 will recap marathon series in its entirety, so that you can experience 3 seasons of a show that made a grownt up man cry. This grownt up man….with tears of joy and laughter.

Wait, what is Happy Endings you say?


Pfft, let me school you in 10 lessons that you could learn from the show:

1 .Books are flammable.

2. Fire extinguishers have more than one use.

3. The movie Vanilla Sky is great for getting yourself out of a jam.

4. Gloating is at it’s best when you completely destroy the competition.

5. Science is hard, and not understanding it leaves room for optimism.

6. You don’t always have to exaggerate your words.

(Maybe I should have stuck with “grown” instead of “grownt” in my intro?…NAH)

7. Revenge is so much sweeter when served in exploding pies.

8. The introduction of fist bumping into mainstream person to person congratulatory hand gestures made the world a much more confusing place.

9. Parenting tips.

10.Also, wedding planning tips

(Substitute bride for my glorious presence…I don’t care if I’m just a guest, tears will roll)

Anyway, you should probably stop whatever you’re whatever you’re doing right now and go home to binge watch Happy Endings.  I just want what’s best for all you readers out there, and I like being helpful! Have you seent…seen the show? Leave a comment or your favorite quote, gif, or moment below!




  • Erin

    Best show eva! You stupid clumsy bitch!

    • Jeffrey Chui

      *snap* Draaaaama

  • liz

    I miss this show so much! Ah-mah-zing

  • jeezusgut

    We shall always remember the “Year of Penny” and all its glory.