Back in the day, did your utter being depend on knowing the status of Cory and Topanga’s relationship, or whether Kelly was currently dating Zach or Slater? I know mine did! Maybe it was a simpler time, back in the pre-internet age, or maybe it was just youth, but it feels like those TV shows were even more addictive than the ones today.

Since the 90s is now – gasp – 20 years ago, and since we’re all feeling the nostalgia, posted some photos of our favorite pre-millennium stars. The Bayside crew is as attractive as ever and had much post-Belding success.  Check them out below (along with all your other favourites)!


If you are a Boy Meets World fan, I am sure you already know that Girl Meets World is set to debut on June 17 on Disney.  That’s right: a spin-off starring Cory and Topanga! Shawn Hunter is also set to make appearances. If only Saved By the Bell could do the same!

No matter how hooked you are to Scandal or House of Cards, nothing compares to the nostalgia of 1990s sitcoms. Waking up at 7am and watching Saved By the Bell for two hours on E! is just about as good as it gets.

Which of these shows got you out of bed in the morning, or made you race home from school?

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    This makes my heart sing.