Unlike Mara Wilson who is spending her days moodily judging us (WHILE WEARING BANGS), Sally Field is embracing her role in the classic and beloved film. MTV News spoke with The Flying Nun herself, and to our surprise, she is totes down to be Mr. Doubtfire in the Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel.

“When presented with the idea of her character wearing the pants in the next film, Field quickly acquiesced: “I could be Mr. Doubtfire.” We even had a poster made up to show her what it would look like, to her surprise.”

Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel

Now all we need is more moments that will scar our children for life, like this:

Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel GIF And this: Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel GIF Also this:Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel GIF

  • Kelsey Kruse

    This movie is the reason I learned what giving the middle finger means. I saw it happen and had to ask my dad about it.

    • deandreupshaw

      WERE YOUR G*#&@(# KIDS TOO!