Can you believe that it’s been TEN YEARS since Friends ended its ten season run? Think about what was popular in 2004: American Idol, He’s Just Not That Into You, Ashlee Simpson, those patched denim jeans – you KNOW you had some. If any of these things were going to stand the true test of time, it was Friends.

We have been on the edge of our seats for YEARS hoping for a reunion. We get our hopes up every few years, as a new internet hoax starts to circle again. Brethren, we need to be real with each other; it’s never gonna happen. So let’s relive some of my favorite moments together, as we celebrate ten years since Gunther poured a cup of coffee at Central Perk!

10. The Moist Maker

“Did you confuse it with your OWN turkey sandwich with the moist maker?!”

Ross is having a rough go of it, between the divorce and the eviction, and his boss eats his pride and glory: Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. I’d say he handled it pretty well.

9. The Routine.

Ross and Monica try to get on-screen time during a Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve taping, but end up on the blooper reel. If you don’t have this one memorized, you’re a fool.

8. “I got stung. Stung bad.”

While on the beach vacation, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. Chandler has to pee on her leg to help stop the pain. The shame in their eyes!

7. “Ding Dong, the Psycho’s Gone!”

Chandler’s crazy ex-roommate Eddie shows up at Central Perk after being kicked out, with a surprise.

We’ve all had crazy roommates, but probably none as crazy as Eddie.

6. Phoebe Runs

Clearly, we’ve all been running the wrong way.

Rachel is embarrassed to be seen with her, until she tries it to find it that it is AMAZING and one should always run that way.

5. Janice

“Oh. My. God.”

There are so many Janice moments, but Chandler buying a plane ticket to Yemen to avoid breaking up with her is by far my favorite.

4. “See? He’s Her Lobster!”

Anytime we get to see fat suit Monica, I’m on board.

After watching Monica and Rachel’s prom video, Rachel sees what Ross did for her when she thought her date was standing her up.

3. Turkey Head Monica


Monica tries to cheer Chandler up on Thanksgiving by putting a turkey on her head. It just so happens to be the first time says he loves her, and the turkey scares the crap out of Joey in the process.

2. “They Don’t Know That We Know That They Know!”


That’s right, kids. Everyone finally finds out about Chandler and Monica, with Joey being in the middle of it all. Everyone but Ross, who has sandwich woes to deal with.

And last, but definitely not the least….

1. “I Got Off The Plane.”

What other moment can make a Friends fan cry at the mere mention of this scene?

It was the accumulation of ten seasons of the ongoing will they/won’t they, and THEY DID. After annulments, the wrong names being said at the alter, babies, being on breaks, they made it work. FINALLY.

You already know I couldn’t pick just ten. Here’s an honorable mention!

The Smelly Cat Music Video

Here’s to another ten years of memories, and maybe one day a Thanksgiving Special. I’m looking at you, Jennifer Aniston!

What are some of your favorite moments? Comment below!


  • Brandi Starkey

    These are some great clips….wasnt a big Friends fan, but I cant deny I watched it and did enjoy seeing these again!..