Despite the fact that I hope the word ‘hipster’ phases its way out of our vocabulary as soon as possible, this is the descriptor that will likely come to mind when someone

Vegan Food In Austin.

Vegan Food In Austin.

tries to explainBouldin Creek Café. With that in mind, Bouldin Creek is one of the most colorful, quirky, friendly, hipster-y vegan places you’ll go in Austin to grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

Vegan? Lucky you! Personally, I will eat anything that moos, clucks or meows, but I’m not deterred by the fact that Boudlin Creek proudly touts itself as a vegan/vegetarian establishment. I can say in good conscience that there is not a single thing on the menu that I would not order again. Whether you’re out with friends or (more in my style) being anti-social and just trying to get some work done so you can pay rent and keep the water on, Bouldin creek is a unique and savory Austin experience.

Noms. Vegan Food In Austin.

Noms. Photo credit:

On the day that I wrote this article, I was going to take a picture of my grilled cheese, but besides hating myself as I started to pull out my camera and being worried to an absurd degree about what everyone in the always-crowded café would think about me (look at the tall awkward guy trying to sneakily snap pictures of his food – why is his head so big?), the simple fact of the matter is that I took too many bites out of its hallowed goodness too quickly and ruined anything photo worthy about it. A few recommendations:

  • Grilled cheese con hierbas – cheddar jack cheese, plus any combination of tomatoes, cilantro, basil, spinach, red onions, and jalapenos that you can imagine (that’s 720 combinations for those of you counting – incidentally, this is also a good credit score and a skate trick)
  • House salad – the salad itself is simple enough (field greens, tomatoes, carrots) but it’s the dressings that are really great. Get the ginger miso. Seriously.
  • Toasted bagel with chipotle-pecan pesto – I know that this sounds weird and maybe even unpalatable, but my word, there really is nothing like it.
Disco never died.

Disco never died.

Gosh Tyler, that sounds like a vegan liberal hotbed full of people who ride bikes with their cats and give their ugly children dreadlocks. Correct! Now get over your fear and your pride, and admit to yourself that people with septum piercings and tattoos of Miyazaki characters make the best coffee.

The staff deserves special commendation. The only thing that exceeds their friendliness is the collective number of tattoos they have. This is a poor comparison, since kindness cannot be quantified. Lots of tattoos. Super friendly. You get it. The service is great, and if you know nothing about various kinds of coffee or vegan fare, they’ll be happy to give you an unpretentious explanation. Oh, and there’s a disco ball.

Epilogue: A note on the restrooms The walls in the restrooms (the men’s anyway, I’m no creep) are chalkboards, covered in the sketches and musings of Bouldin’s patrons. I’ve seen everything from ‘YOLO’ to ‘No Pooping.’ And rest assured, the guy who wrote ‘YOLO’ was tracked, found, and never heard from again.

  • deandreupshaw

    I usually don’t go to vegan restaurants because I live a carnivorous life, but I might give them a go!

  • Kelsey Kruse

    YUM! I love places like this, will definitely have to check it out next time I’m in Austin!