Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen, but every now and then you find one that really kicks you in the face with awesome-ness.Peak and Elm (situated, naturally, on Peak and Elm) is a new kinda-vegan restaurant in Dallas that’s only been open for a few months, but I can totally see myself having margaritas there everyday  dining there often.

1) They’re Gluten Free And Vegan Friendly

As someone who’s both (vegan 80 percent of the time), I don’t want my only choice to be salad with vinaigrette dressing. I like to eat despite said dietary restrictions and

Chorizo Tacos

Chorizo Tacos

want more than a salad option. As luck has it, there are other non-salad options including their Deep Ellum tacos (we’ll get to those later). There’s also a choice of veggie fajitas and yes, a salad if you choose. Who would have thought that underneath the Mexican bravado of the fun exterior there would be a secret vegan restaurant lurking?

2) Green Salsa And Freshly Made Tortilla Chips

I ate the chips mainly to eat the salsa verde. I was tempted to eat it with a spoon but I had to keep it classy. There’s just enough spiciness to pique your taste buds, but not too much to where you’re overwhelmed and you can’t enjoy it. Go there, eat it, and have your life changed.

Salsa verde

Salsa verde

3) Deep Ellum Tacos

Whether or not you’re about the gluten-free and/vegan life, go for the Deep Ellum Tacos. Made with soyrizo & beans wrapped in a corn tortilla, it is served with a side of their verde salsa, grilled zucchini, squash and onions.

4) Weekly Specials

This place is filling to the brim with amazing deals. Fridays are free margaritas (FREE. MARG.ARITAS, y’all). Sundays are complimentary mimosas, and Tuesdays are 50 percent off of appetizers. All the more reason to eat here at least twice a week.

Located at Peak and Elm in East Dallas, this hot spot is definitely a place to try out if you are vegan, gluten-free, or just enjoy tacos. And who doesn’t like tacos?